Model Railroad Magazine Database

by K. Brown

Prairie Rail Workshop

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This page is an outgrowth of a project that I started several years ago. In order to be able to find an article in my magazine collection I was pretty much forced to put everything I had into a computer database so that I could search and find what I needed without spending all day doing it. It occurred to me that others might like to be able to do the same via the web so here it is. The page may seem small and simple but the results represent a *lot* of typing on my part. Enjoy.
Use of the database is quite simple. You supply a keyword, a field to search on and a destination. In fact the only thing that you *really* have to supply in the simplest case is the keyword since there is a default field and destinaton. For example, suppose that you want to find all articles on making trees. You would enter the keyword 'tree', use the KEY field and the HTML destination. Click on the submit button and you should see the results in a moment. If you want articles by a particular author use the author's last name as the keyword and select the AUTHOR field. If you want the results emailed to you instead of viewing with your browser select EMAIL instead of HTML.

The key field holds very general keys to the articles, such as 'locomotive' or 'grass'. You are not likely to find out anything about the Canadian Pacific using the key field. For more specific things such as railroad names try searching on the title field.

Here, you supply a keyword


Here you select the field to be searched.
  1. KEY.
  2. TITLE.
  3. AUTHOR.


Here you select HTML if you want the result displayed on your browser or EMAIL if you want the results mailed to you. If you select EMAIL then you must supply a valid email address below.
  1. HTML.
  2. EMAIL.


email address goes here

To submit the query, whack this button: .

That's it.!