Keith Brown

Hi. I'm Keith Brown. I work in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoonas a Research Officer. My areas of responsibility include maintaining our nmr spectrometers, teaching grad students and postdocs the use of the spectrometer and teaching undergraduate courses.

Saskatoon is great ... not too big and not too small. Approximately 200,000 people live here. There is always lots of stuff going on and in the Summer you can spend every week attending a different event if you want. There is the Sasktel Jazz Festival, the River Roar, the Children's Festival, Cruise Night, Saskatoon Remembers Airshow, Folkfest and these are just the ones that I had time to attend this summer. There is also Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan held in a large open tent by the Saskatchewan River the Mendel Art Gallery which is currently exhibiting the works of Joni Mitchell (who hails from Saskatoon!). The music scene here is very active with several nationally known acts from the area such as Wide Mouth Mason, the Northern Pikes, Streetnix and Jordan Cooke and now, Teresa Sokyrka. The really neat thing about Saskatoon is that it is small enough that you will literally bump into these people at some point and be able to chat with them for a bit.

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Likes and Dislikes

I like computers

I like photography

I like nmr spectroscopy

I really like music<---

I really like the band King's X

I really hate Bad Drivers!

I really hate Windoze!

Publications and Presentations

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