Greek Font For Practical NMR Spectroscopy

The web pages describing the theory and practice of nmr spectroscopy make extensive use of the Greek font, SPIonic, developed by Jimmy Adair at the Religion and Technology Center. By his very kind permission, these fonts are available on this server for download. As on his web page the proviso is Anyone who wants to use the SP fonts in a commercial electronic product (online, CD-ROM, etc.) must get permission from Jimmy Adair, the copyright holder, prior to use. Mr. Adair can be contacted via his web page.

There are two versions of the font, one for Windows/Linux and one for MacIntosh. Installation under Windows is simply a matter of unzipping the font file, opening the fonts window from the control panel and dragging the font to the fonts window. Under linux, after unzipping the file, the font is copied to wherever the X11 TTF folder is. I'm not a Mac user so I'm not sure how the installation goes with the Mac version, but how hard can it be?