The ProdOp Program

Prodop has been superceded by wxProdOp

Prodop is still availablehere in gzipped form.

GTK2-Perl can be found here.

Glib-Perl can be found here

TK-Perl can be found here

Cairo can be found here

ExtUtils/Depends can be found here

ExtUtils/Pkgconfig can be found here

To install each module:

  • as root:
  • type: perl Makefile.PL
  • type: make
  • type: make install

You will have to install Gtk2-Perl last because it looks for all of the other Perl modules during the makefile build. Because you are a Linux user I'll assume that you know all you need to know to install these (it really isn't very hard at all as you can see from above). If, however, you have trouble then email me at and I will try to help you.