The Saskatchewan Structural Sciences NMR Facilities
Welcome the the Church of NMR

The main lab. From the left to right are:

  • FBR2, the autosampler 500 MHz Bruker Avance spectrometer, BBO autotune probehead
  • FBR1, the 500 MHz Bruker DRX spectrometer, BBI and TXI manual tune probeheads
  • SSSC500, the 500 MHz Avance spectrometer, TXI autotune probehead
  • SSSC600, the 600 MHz Avance spectrometer (in the glass windowed room at the right of the picture), TXI cryoprobe

Given the chance, I would have named them Curly, Larry, Moe and Shemp as a small part of the education of our foreign graduate students but politics dictated otherwise ..

The autosampler spectrometer. This machine is generally running samples constantly for people. It is a walkup machine ... that is, time cannot be booked on it but rather, you just submit your sample and it will be done by the automated software in its turn. Longer experiments such as 13C will not begin until 5:00pm in order that people can get their daytime experiments done in a timely fashion.

These are the two general purpose, manually-operated 500 MHz spectrometers, FBR1 and SSSC500.

There seems to be a fridge stuck to one of the magnets. (think about it)

This is the 600 MHz spectrometer equipped with a cryoprobe. The 1H signal-to-noise is an incredible 6000:1! There seems to be a nest of birds on the cryoplatform. If you have a cryoprobe in your lab you will know why. If you don't have one or have never seen one in operation you should visit a lab that has one. You will then know why the birds chose to nest where they did.