Practical NMR Spectroscopy

If I can do NMR so can you


The nuclear magnetic resonance facilities of the University of Saskatchewan are located in the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Center (SSSC).

We have four Bruker solution spectrometers, one 500 MHz DMX, two 500 MHz Avances and one 600 MHz Avance with cryoprobe. Additionally, there is a Bruker 500 MHz and a Bruker 360 MHz spectrometer located at the Prairie Biotechnical Institute on campus.

The spectrometer can be broken down into several major functional components. Obviously, a magnet is required as is a set of receiver coils and some electronic equipment to record the signals. A very simple block diagram of the spectrometer might look something like:

Of course, things are a wee bit more complicated than this but this is the general picture. The details are too many to fit on one page so:

  1. The Magnet
  2. The Probe
  3. The Electronics
  4. The Computer