Hi. I like to photograph trains ... model or prototype. What you'll find here is a set of photos of train layouts in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Most of the pictures are of layouts belonging to members of the Prairie Rail Workshop. Just click on the small photo for a view of the larger version.

K. Brown

CN Edson Division
Keith Brown

This is a pic of my old layout before we moved into our new house. Its (roughly) based on the area around Edson Alberta in the foothills of the Rockies.

Same scene on same layout ... different angle.

This is one end of the Edson yard, includin an old steamer on display. You can see a similar sort of display at the yard in Jasper, Alberta (so that sort of makes it prototypical, right?).

Same corner as above but a few years earlier.

Another corner of the layout

Yet another corner

Finally, a bridge at, you guessed it, another corner!

This layout was all corners ... there were no straight sections.

Bob and Colin Wilson (untitled)

This is an N scale layout built by Bob Wilson and his son, Colin. Funny how you sometimes can't tell the scale from a photo.

Canadian Pacific Railway
Harley Welsh

This is a small but exquisite layout. Harley Welsh, of the Prairie Rail Workshop, has a magic touch with little details. His is the type of layout that if looked at for a while reveals more and more details.

You probably don't see too many camel dealerships on a layout! This is just one of many little humourous details that Harley has built into his layout.

Relaxing for a moment at the freight shed.

Western Development Museum

The Western Development Museum in Saskatoon has a group of volunteers who are dedicated to building a layout at the museum that depicts railroad activities in the early part of the century in the province of Saskatchewan. Every Saturday they gather and work on various aspects of the layout and talk to the public. Over the past few years, it has proven to be a very popular attraction (among others) at the museum. If you are ever in Saskatoon, check it out!

I found this scene rather intriguing. The logging cart is about to cross the tracks ... I hope he has looked both ways!

A Canadian Northern passenger train crosses the South Saskatchewan river.

A scene from Saskatoon (years 'n years ago, of course).

Outdoor Model Photos
Keith Brown

This is a photo of a couple of models taken outdoors. The sky, background grass and grain elevator are real. All of the foreground is model. The diorama upon whish the locomotives sit was built out of junk wood lying around the garage and some cheap scenery material and an extra piece of flex track ain one evening. It has proven to be a very useful prop, both for photography and for display purposes.

Here's an interesting technique ... mixing the model and the real thing in the same photo. The foreground is the model and the background is at the local CP Rail yard.

The diorama is actually just half of a rise in the ground upon which the track sits. The other half, on the other side of the train is naked plywood. You can do what you like there, including putting props in to flesh out the scene.

I think the simple act of putting a couple of telephone poles in the near background lends a lot of authenticity to this picture.

I really like the way that the background clouds enhance these two pictures.

The GTW Rail Maintenance System
Ron Lambert

This is a really nice arount-the-wall layout built by Ron Lambert of the Prairie Rail Workshop. Although the photo shows a CPR loco one usually sees CNR power on the line. Future pictures will undoubtedly catch a couple.

Ron has played around extensively with computer generated waybills and is very interested in operation.

Here's the CN power!

The Lorraine Valley and James River
Jim Banner

Jim Banner actually has two layouts ... an indoor and an outdoor. Yes, that's right. For part of the year here in Saskatchewan its actually nice enough to consider going outdoors. The Lorraine Valley is the name of the indoor railroad but I thought it would be fun to look at the outdoor one as well.

This is part of one of the yards in the LV. Jim is an electronics professional and has all sorts of little electronics gizmos hooked up to his system, including a small computer to control various aspects of the layout. Jim is also an absolute wizard at making things from scratch, including tools!

This photo turned out pretty well. I'm not sure exactly why ... perhaps the detail? the backdrop?

Outdoors on the JR again.

Another scene from the LV.

Leslie Erlich

The initials stand for Lopsided, Backwards, Smeared, Smudged and Gouged! The name is dedicated to some of the hazards that go with painting and decorating model railroad equipment. Leslie says that the locomotives on his railway are modeled on the three foot rule (ie. they look quite prototypical from three feet away).

First generation diesels are the motive power of choice and the setting is the fictitious town of Zachary, somewhere in rural Saskatchewan.

CP S-2 7053 coming around a corner cab-forward

A pair of stray west coast locos: CP Baldwin switchers 7068 and 7065

CN GP-7s 4801 and 4803 spot a couple of box cars on the elevator siding

A view of the end of a train pulled by CN SW900 7239

A stray 'easterner': CN RS-3 3016 and F-9B 6610 charge across a grade crossing

Another stray easterner: CN S-2 8140 with a box car in tow.